Through our Liberty Church Network, we have launched 15 Local Church Centers in the U.S., with plans to launch many more in the months to come. At these centers, we conduct much of our pastoral training programs. Our centers also serve as havens of encouragement and coaching for pastors and church planters who have partnered with us in our calling to reach One Million Disciples by 2025.

Paul Dudley, pastor of One Community Church in Virginia, recently joined with us in this program. As Paul states, “About three years into our church plant, I became burned out and at the end of my rope. And that’s when I met the Liberty Church Network.”

We invited Paul to one of our local meetings with other pastors. At that meeting, Paul was able to connect with us and discover great encouragement from our team and from other pastors. It was just the revitalizing connection he needed. Later, Paul was facing a trial within the church and decided to contact our local center. That evening, one of our men was able to FaceTime with Paul and give him counsel on the situation.

“It meant the world to me that my local center leader would give up two hours of his night to coach me regarding the things we were going through.” Paul adds, “I’ve discovered I can’t do this job alone. It’s always done better when we work together.”

That’s just one example of how we are training, coaching and encouraging pastors. Serving as pastor can often be a lonely task and we want to be there for our network of pastors who are working to impact their cities for Christ.

Through your support, you are not just helping us plant churches, you are helping us train, coach and encourage many men who have been called by God to serve as local church pastors. We appreciate you for caring about men like Paul Dudley who want nothing more than to serve God well. Thank you so much and please keep us in your prayers!”