When a natural or man-made disaster strikes, Thomas Road’s humanitarian aid organization, Gleaning For the World, is often the first on the scene to assist hurting families by providing basic life-sustaining supplies. From bottled water to children’s clothing, food to pet supplies at dramatically reduced costs, common hygiene products to babies’ diapers, Gleaning For The World works closely with corporate America to obtain these basic supplies and ship them to any location around the globe. This non-profit organization assists families impacted by unexpected events, while also working daily with women and children facing the challenges of extreme poverty

Over the past 18 years, Gleaning For The World has shipped more than $950 million in humanitarian aid, helping nearly 100 million people at their great point of need. Gleaning is consistently ranked “the most efficient large charity in America” by Forbes Magazine.

Each year, 32,000 people come to faith in Jesus Christ because of Gleaning For The World’s humanitarian work.

Take Jesus to the Hurting!