When my dad started his radio ministry not long after Thomas Road Baptist Church was founded, he chose the song, “We’ve Come This Far By Faith” as the theme of the broadcast. That song, written by Albert Goodson, contains these powerful words:

We’ve come this far by faith
leaning on the Lord.
Trusting in His Holy Word
He’s never failed us yet.

It was a great choice for a theme song, as well as a theme for this ministry, because it points to Christ as the center of our activity. If he were still alive, my father would be the first to say that the triumphs of our ministry are not because of him — they are because of Christ alone. Today, my team and I carry on dad’s refrain, as we ensure that we are not just going through the motions. We remain passionate about “trusting in His Holy Word” as we serve Him!

We cannot afford to get sidetracked by politics or the culture or outside interests. Instead, we remain focused on the task at hand — taking the Gospel to our nation and across the globe in the most concentrated ways possible.

In dad’s early days, it was radio, but today we have so many opportunities for advancing the Gospel. While the world has changed and our methods have had to accommodate those changes, our message remains the same: Jesus wants to save people and impact their lives in amazing ways for His glory.

Your friend in Christ,
Jonathan Falwell