Earlier this year, a newspaper in Knoxville, Tennessee refused to run a Christian book store ad because it contained an offensive word: “Christian.”

In Cleveland, a billboard was refused for the film “God’s Not Dead 2” because the wording was “incendiary.”

How do we train young Christians to have purpose in a nation that increasingly has no interest in God? How do we train new believers to articulate their faith in a nation that is more and more hostile to Christianity?

I believe mentoring is key.

Have you ever taken a new believer under your wing? Have you ever invested yourself in the life of a Sunday school kid who just doesn’t seem to be fitting in? Have you ever invited a new believer over for dinner?

As Eli mentored Samuel and as Elijah mentored Elisha, the church needs wise mentors today.

Let’s commit anew to encouraging others. We live to serve God and to serve others, for His glory. People are in need all around us and we can have an eternal impact on the lives we touch.

Your friend in Christ,


Jonathan Falwell