As a pastor, I frequently talk to believers about the faithfulness of God. Quite often, I visit hospital rooms where a saint of God is experiencing their final days. Usually it is I who comes out of the room encouraged because I see in those dear Christians that clear, unspeakable trust in the One who is Lord of all for them.

As I reported last month, my wife and I were on our 25th anniversary when Hurricane Irma swept through St. Martin. I had the opportunity to see the faithfulness of God in new ways. As the walls of our hotel were shaking and the roof of part of the building was being torn away, I was certainly afraid, but I had a calm assurance in my heart that we would be alright. God is so good.

There were many people involved in keeping us safe while we were in St. Martin. That’s why I have been actively working to raise funds and minister to people there I feel a connection with the people of St. Martin. After the storm had passed, I was able to make some calls and my good friend Franklin Graham sent the first plane-load of supplies to the island after I got permission from the prime minister. Local people were so thankful and it was a great picture of Christians doing ministry. We were also able to get some elderly and ill people off the island so they could get help.

The people of St. Martin depend on the tourism industry to make a living and it’s going to take time before things are operational. I have been feeling that this is a great opportunity for the church to be the church. So please join me in praying for these dear people. I want to see God at work through our efforts there. I have been back there a couple of times and will continue to be actively involved in ministering there.

I recently told this to Christianity Today: ”As the church of Jesus Christ, we’ve got to be passionate, we’ve got to be deliberate, and weve got to work fervently to get that message of the hope that’s found in Christ out to the world:’ St. Martin’s may seem insignificant to a lot of people, but for me, it is the place where God renewed in me the constant need to be fishers of men. And it is the place I learned anew how wonderful it is to know the faithfulness of God.

Your Friend in Christ,