Separate floods caused great damage in the Houston area and in many counties of West Virginia this Summer. We have had aid workers handing out supplies in both areas.

Houston experienced its second major flood in recent weeks with more than 1,000 homes destroyed and more than $5 billion reported in damages. Through our Gleaning For The World Ministry, we provided shipments of relief supplies and several other shipments of construction materials to assist with the rebuilding process.

In West Virginia, 44 counties experienced varying levels of destruction after a system carrying six major storms ripped through the state in June. Many families experienced total home loss, while others were without power and water for several days. Hundreds of families were forced to move into shelters.

We quickly began working with state officials to provide aid, sending an immediate 100,000 bottles of water to the emergency shelters, with 12 truckloads of supplies eventually going there.

Gleaning has provided relief to hurting families throughout our nation and in 70 countries. We believe that our witness becomes much more powerful when we show people that we care about them. That is why we try to partner with area churches. When churches are involved in distributing food, water and other materials, they are able to establish relationships that can bring about true change through Jesus. Your gifts enhance our efforts to touch the lives of many people, Faith Partners, and we thank you for caring.

NOTE: Four of the last five years, Forbes magazine has named Gleaning one of the most efficient charities in America.