The Liberty Church Network (LCN) is the arm of our ministry that oversees our church planting and pastoral training efforts. We have assembled a wonderful group of pastors and leaders who have a mindset for winning their towns for Christ. I serve as executive chairman of LCN, while my friends Jimmy Carroll (pastor of Journey Church in Raleigh, N.C.) serves as president and Nathan Cline (pastor of REVO Church in Winston-Salem) serves as vice president.

These are just two churches we have helped and they are having great impacts on their cities. Journey Church has outgrown many locales and now has a satellite church and offshoot congregations where Jesus is being proclaimed. I know God is with us in this venture because so many churches like Journey and REVO are thriving and people are coming to Christ.

I would like to share with you our Seven Core Values of Church Planting. These values are the focal point for our effort to make one million new disciples by 2025. Our pastors, church planters, missionaries and workers keep this number at the forefront of our efforts. We are truly praying that God will allow us to win one million souls to Him and that they will go and make other disciples.

1) Disciple-Making. This is the crux of our ministry. We have a passion to make disciples and disciple-makers so that we can impact small towns and major cities with the Gospel.

2) Relationships. We are a network of partners who are committed to the same mission of making disciples. 

3)Investment in Pastors. We offer ongoing training, counseling, mentorship and so much more to our pastors so that they can achieve what God has called them to do for Him.

4) Sacrificial Giving. We give financially to advance disciple-making local churches. The Thomas Road Worldwide ministry is key here, as we fund and aid many churches that are just getting started. You have helped us start and fund many churches that are thriving today.

5) Kingdom Mindedness. We believe disciple-making is about exalting Jesus and expanding His Kingdom by calling people to a personal relationship with Him.

6) Passion for a City or Town. Our churches are community-minded, allowing them to reach out to people in a variety of ways — from local clean-up efforts to block parties to virtually anything that will allow us to present the Gospel to people who need Jesus. Passion is our heartbeat.

7) Networking. We help pastors join together to advance the mission of Matthew 28:19-20. We are a team with a mindset of laboring, praying, worshiping and evangelizing together in order to impact eternity.

Your Friend in Christ,