Allow us to tell you about just two of the folks who have recently come to know Christ because of your support.• Silamageni was raised by parents who taught her witchcraft, which she practiced for more than a half-century. She felt hopeless and alone, seeing no escape from this troubled life. Then she met Dorothy, one of our church workers, and learned that there is a loving and living God more powerful than the evil spirits ruling her life. Silamangeni accepted the Lord as Savior, renouncing her involvement in the occult, and now has the peace, hope and joy that she always longed for.

•Mary had two children out of wedlock and was working as a prostitute. She had been ostracized in her village. Then Mary met one of our church planters who told her about Jesus extending grace and love to all. Mary felt unlovable, yet she felt hope from this Gospel message and later accepted Jesus into her life. Mary has been truly transformed, as God has removed her shame and showered her with forgiveness and love. She made an immediate lifestyle change and now finds security and identity in Christ.

We are reaching people in our own backyards and across the globe, for the sake of the Gospel. You are impacting eternity with your support and prayers for this ministry. We can never thank you enough for loving lost souls and sacrificially giving and praying as we reach out to people without hope, just like Silamageni and Mary.

Your friend in Christ,


Jonathan Falwell