A key theme of Potential Church, one of our church plants in Wellford, S.C., is this: “It’s time to move over and let God have His way.” As we focus this month on overcoming in the Christian life, this is a message that resonates with all believers. It’s so easy to take the reins of our life when we should be giving them to the Lord and letting Him steer our course.

Recently, Potential Church Pastor Lance Martin led a sermon series titled, “I Will ____.” The blank was empty so that members could fill it in regarding what they believe God is leading them to do for His purpose.

“There are a lot of things we should do, many things we want to do, and even a few things that we can do,” said Lance. ‘But, our lives begin to change when we stop asking what we should, want, and can do and actually commit to do something.”

He says that when we are ready to shift our priorities and align them with what God has in store for us, our lives “can make positive changes.”

In terms of overcoming trials, it really is often about moving over and allowing God to have His perfect way.

Your friend in Christ,


Jonathan Falwell