When I surprised my wife Shari with a trip to St. Martin for our 25th anniversary, I had no idea that one of the biggest storms in history would join us.We attempted to get away on an early flight, but it was cancelled and we went through this astounding Category 5 hurricane.

One positive thing the storm did was give me a heightened awareness of how awesome and powerful our God is. That hurricane is nothing to our God who spoke universes beyond universes into existence. And so, for several hours as our hotel literally shook and winds roared, Shari and I prayed for peace and the safety of all those around us.

Later, we found that virtually nothing was left on the island. Thankfully, we got home and I was able to speak and baptize a little girl at Thomas Road Baptist Church on September 9 before returning to St. Martin that afternoon to share the Gospel with many of the people who were responsible for saving our lives.

This storm confirmed something for me: It is important that we recognize the right time to share His Gospel with people. There are good people everywhere in our world, but they do not know Jesus. It is our responsibility to go, to tell them that their good deeds are not enough to gain eternal life. We must take Jesus’ message to them.

By Sunday, September 9, our ministry, Gleaning For The World, had already sent multiple tractor trailer-loads of supplies into Florida. This benevolence ministry is helping untold numbers of people while showing them that Jesus cares and so do we. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated many lives, but we continue to send out massive amounts of aid to families, all with the prayer that many will believe.

Your support is so critical as we help hurting families and as we continue to plant churches and train pastors who have hearts for people who need Jesus. The need is great and that is why we continue to go, to serve and to tell people that Jesus loves them. God bless you as you stand with us, pray with us and support us at these crucial moments in time. May God be glorified in all that we do.

Your Friend in Christ,