This month’s theme is: embodying God’s grace. I can think of no greater way to do this than to help people who face true crisis in their lives. Our Gleaning For The World ministry allows us to do this in wonderful ways.

Ron Davidson, founder of GFTW, says, “As one of the first organizations on the ground to distribute relief, we react to crises immediately. Survivors are often cut off from food, water and supplies to manage the clean-up effort.” Working primarily with local churches, GFTW provides swift relief for families in crisis. “Whatever it takes, wherever it is needed,” says Ron, “we are there.”

Our ultimate prayer is that many of those we help will respond to the Gospel.

In recent weeks, GFTW joined with Thomas Road Baptist Church in helping families in Central Virginia following a huge storm. We placed food, water and personal care items in the hands of many families. We also sent supplies, including 25,000 bottles of water, into the southeast, where more than 6,000 families were evacuated from their homes.

We also have an ongoing effort to help the needy. Last year, we provided 228,500 meals of fresh fruit and vegetables to local communities and urban centers. Fresh fruit and vegetables — including sweet potatoes, cabbage and bananas — were sorted into ten-pound bags and distributed. We also provided 149,500 self-contained meals. These are just two examples of how we are helping folks in need.

Your support enables us to carry out this Good Samaritan ministry. We thank you for caring and for sacrificing so that others can receive aid and learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

Your friend in Christ,


Jonathan Falwell