Here is our Top Three List of things we believe the church should be doing to confront culture:

1. PLANTING NEW CHURCHES. In order to challenge our increasingly Godless culture, we need active, determined, Bible-believing churches that will prayerfully and actively reach out to people of all walks of life with the Gospel message.

2. TRAINING NEW PASTORS. Our churches need to be led by men who are passionate and fearless about preaching the Word of God. They also must be compassionate and have a heart for hurting people who need Jesus.

3. LIVING OUT LOUD. We, as believers, must begin to launch out in faith to reach our friends and loved ones with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Lord is returning soon and we must be about the business of being faithful ambassadors for Christ (II Corinthians 5:20).

By partnering with us, you are helping to accomplish these things. We continue to plant churches, train pastors and encourage the saints … and you are a huge part of all that we are accomplishing. There is much more to do, so let’s continue to pray together, serve together and bring honor and glory to Christ together in the days to come!