Making disciples is a key theme of our broadcast ministry. This month, I thought you would enjoy reading about some recent salvations that have come about through our television ministry. We have been reaching lost souls for Christ over the airwaves since my father’s first television broadcast in 1956. We carry on in dad’s steps, preaching the Risen Savior so that hurting people might tune into our broadcast and find answers through Jesus Christ.

A 59-year-old lady from Roanoke, Va., phoned one of our counselors after watching a broadcast in which I spoke about the woman at the well. This lady said the sermon brought her under deep conviction about sin in her life. She said that she wanted to get peace and assurance of heaven. Our counselor shared the Gospel with her and she asked Jesus to save her and become Lord of her life. This lady immediately expressed a desire to begin sharing Jesus with others and said she could hardly wait to call her mother with the news of her salvation.

A few weeks ago, an 82-year-old lady called to request prayer. She said she is widowed and needs prayer for health issues. After praying with her, our counselor asked when she came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the lady replied, “One year ago.” She recounted how she trusted Christ after watching our broadcast. Our counselor rejoiced with her and got her address to send our “How to Booklet,” which helps new Christians gain a firm foundation for their faith.

A 63-year-old man from Danville, Va., called for prayer for his depression. His father and mother had recently passed away and he was experiencing great loneliness. Our counselor walked this man through several Scripture passages and he placed his faith in Jesus over the phone. Our counselor has helped to get him involved in the Dan River Church, one of our church plants. He is also studying the “How to Booklet” to enhance his new walk with Christ.

A 40-year-old lady from Powhatan, Va., called in need of a friend because of many fears she could not escape. Our counselor prayed with her and took her through the Plan of Salvation. Our counselor told us, “Through God’s powerful Word, I was able to lead her to Christ.” We thank the Lord that this ministry was there for this lady when she needed a friend to point her to the Savior.

These are just a few of the stories of how our broadcast ministry is touching lives. Your monthly support enables us to remain on the air. Your prayers and gifts are so important as we continue to plant churches, train pastors, distribute Bibles and broadcast the Good News, as we continue making disciples.

Your friend in Christ,


Jonathan Falwell