I often think about Mary, the young virgin girl who was one day approached by the angel Gabriel who told her that she would miraculously give birth to the Son of God.  I imagine what she thought when hearing such a thing.  Remember that Mary was probably just 14 or 15 years old and she had never known a man.  She did not understand all that the angel was saying and she was distressed by his words.

The angel understood this.  And in Luke 1:37, we read this powerful statement from Gabriel, who proclaimed, “For with God nothing will be impossible” (NKJV).
Even though she was afraid and everything she understood about the laws of nature were being challenged by what the angel was telling her, Mary believed.  She essentially said: because I trust God, I will believe His message.  This is the ultimate portrait of the Christian setting aside their own hopes and plans so that God can be magnified.  Thankfully, Joseph too believed and he remained true to Mary even though he knew there would be gossip and rumors about them.  The God who can do anything can empower us to do what we cannot even imagine, friends.
This Christmas, and throughout the year, we really need to make ourselves available to God, as Mary and Joseph did, so that we too can understand God’s desire for our own lives. Folks, our God is not bound by the laws of nature or the laws of science.  He can stop the earth from rotating on its axis (Joshua 10).  He can raise people from the grave (John 11:38-44, the story of Lazarus).  He can literally do anything.  That means He can guide you through life and you can accomplish great things for Him.
Miracles are no big deal to God, but they are breathtaking events for us.  Mary carried on because she knew that God had an amazing plan for her and the promised miracle became flesh.  Here’s the point I want to drive home now: when Gabriel said, “For with God nothing will be impossible,” that was not a statement that was exclusive to Mary.  If we follow Christ, as Mary did, He can and will do amazing things in our lives too.
You see, God’s power has not flickered, nor has His authority waned.  He can infill you with His wisdom and power today and you can soar like an eagle.  Whatever your problem today, God is greater than it is.  Whatever you doubt about yourself, God can empower you. Whatever baggage you are carrying, God can lift it away.
Christmas is a reminder to us that Christ still reigns.  Luke 1:32-33 tells us that the kingdom of Jesus Christ will never end.  Jesus’ birth was the fulfillment of a solemn promise of God to Israel that He will reign forever.  This means two things to the believer: (1) we are promised eternity with Christ and (2) we can live as victors in this life because of Him.
The great miracle of Jesus’ birth was just the beginning of a life proving that with God, nothing truly is impossible.