America needs Christian men who want to lead their families in a prayerful and powerful way so that their children and grandchildren will be followers of Christ and leaders in their own families and communities.

The world doesn’t like the concept of godly men who are providers, defenders and prayer warriors.  But God desires men who will love Him and serve Him.

In Ezekiel 22:30, we read this verse: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none” (KJV).  Israel had turned its back on God and many people were worshiping the god Molech.  The Liberty Bible Commentary says, “[Israel] had turned her back upon the Lord and forgot all the love He had shown to her.  She then became enamored with the love of fame, pleasure and riches.”

Is that not a picture of our nation today?  I believe God today is seeking men within our nation — men who will boldly and compassionately live out their faith in Him in their homes, their workplaces and their communities.

As part of my commitment to helping men reach their full potential in Christ, Thomas Road Baptist Church holds an annual “Beast Feast,” in which we invite men to come and fellowship with us as we just do a bunch of guy stuff and encourage each other to be men of God.  This year’s event is September 17 and we’ll be talking hunting, fishing and going to seminars on things we love to do.  We’ll be eating wild boar, venison, crawfish and other great foods.  And we’ll listen to the testimony of fishing legend Jimmy Houston.  It will be a great day for fathers and sons, as well as mothers and daughters who love these activities.  Visit this website for more info ( and feel free to join us!

I’ll close by telling you about a sermon my father preached some years ago that he titled, “God, Give Us Men.”  In it, he identified Eight Keys for being the kind of man that is needed in our nation.  Here is his list (and it remains pertinent):

  • He will build his home on the Bible.
  • He will quietly rear his children in honesty and godliness.
  • He will pay his debts.
  • He will support his family.
  • He will stand on his own feet.
  • He will be faithful to worship God in church.
  • He will serve God in the marketplace.
  • He will help his neighbors.

I pray that God will help me to be this type of man because I know these are eight great ways in which I can honor God.  I pray God’s great blessings on you, men, as you take on the mantle of leadership in your homes and within your communities.  Be strong, be prayerful and be bold.  Never forget that your words and your way of life have an eternal impact on those who know you best.  God is seeking men who will serve Him today.